Persephone Thira Beach Pouch

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Worried about losing your hotel keys, watch or spare change in the sand? Persephone will keep everything safe, so that you can enjoy your day on the beach with complete peace of mind!

This pouch will hold all your essentials for you and become your best summer companion wherever you go, can be used as a handheld accessory or as a secure insert to a larger beach bag.

Persephone beach pouch serves greatly as a gift, since everyone loves it because it’s lightweight, practical and has a great price, it never disappoints you!

Many international customers buy it as a souvenir, in order to keep their Greek vacation as present as possible during the winter, where everything is less joyful and bright!

Many of the patterns and designs of Persephone beach pouches are found onto other bags, wallets and accessories, so if you’re into the matchy matchy style, just look them out on the top bottom of the page!

Designed and handcrafted in Thessaloniki, Greece. 100% Greek, proud, product!


Persephone is our ultimate best seller product since the beginning of our journey, so it’s a guaranteed perfect decision to acquire, at least, one!

With this practical beach pouch, you can hit the beach, the pool or the boat, in style, carrying whatever you need with you.

It’s ideal to keep things like greasy sunscreens, or your hotel keys along with money and your phone. This pouch is a convenient size which will fit into your beach bag and suitcase as well as in drawers at home or in a hotel room.

Like with all our printed designs, Persephone is made from a digitally printed, water repellent fabric.

We all love the beach, but we don’t want sand or salt water inside our beach bags, that’s why you will find a waterproof lining, to store your wet swimwear, scrunchies etc. and have everything neat!

This beach pouch comes with a zipper closure and a wrist strap for extra hold. All parts that seem to you as leather, don’t be fooled..they’re not! Vegan friendly material, having the looks, but not the cruelty involved.

As with all handmade goodies out there, wipe clean only, handle with care and love!

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Weight 0.050 kg
Dimensions 23 × 1 × 16 cm

Dark blue, Light blue, multicolor, Turquoise, Pink